Whiteman’s Gospel


A Native American leader once said, “Christianity has wonderful answers to questions Indians aren’t asking!” Author Craig Smith seeks to answer the questions they are asking or ought to ask.

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Craig’s experience has led him to believe that change is desperately needed in both Native and ecclesiastical communities.

“We Native Americans need to look at ourselves,” writes Smith, “and see where our people have been wrong in our perceptions of Christianity. Native people have often hidden behind the notion that Christianity is the Whiteman’s Gospel.”

Craig Smith writes out of his own experience as a Native American growing up in a white man’s world. He tells what it’s like to be a member of a group of “underdogs.” Then he relates why God has chosen to work with underdogs to fulfill His purposes in the world today.

Craig is not afraid to answer those difficult questions Native Americans have been asking. But he also seeks to provide answers that are true to the Word of God.

Read a sample chapter here.

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