Walking with the Creator, Along the Narrow Road


This book invites you to go on an incredible journey with the Creator of the Universe. Sue Carlisle, the author, takes you on an expedition through the first three chapters of Genesis.

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What if the Bible is true? What if Jesus is Creator, like the Bible says He is? What if the One who spun the galaxies, perfumed the flowers, flavored chocolate and formed every living thing really did die on a cross for us?

If Jesus is who He says He is, then we have a God whose imagination, artistic flair, sense of humor, and capacity to love is far beyond our imagination.

Did you know that the Creator really is inviting us to walk with Him, get to know Him and learn to love Him and the world that He loves? God really is offering us a place in His Father’s Kingdom, an eternal kingdom that surpasses anything we’ve ever imagined.

How can we know for sure? He revealed it all “in the beginning.”

This is your invitation to join Sue Carlisle on this expedition through nine lessons taken from seeing God’s amazing character as described in the first three chapters of Genesis. These lessons are God’s response to her broken question of “How do I go on?” He replied, “Look at Who I am.”

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