December 16-18, 2022, marked Indian Life Ministries second annual conference. Our theme this year was “The Gift of Reconciliation.”

We invited Kene and Milly Jackson to lead us in native gospel music and Mario Swampy to be our keynote speaker once again.

With the conference being held the last weekend before Christmas, we weren’t sure what to expect with regards to registration. Although our numbers were physically down, what opened up was the opportunity for multiple meaningful conversations with the same people. During one such discussion, Krystal came to learn that one of the women in attendance was a residential school survivor and had recently become a follower of Jesus. Her name is Doris, and she is pictured on the bottom right of this page. Once Krystal got to know her a bit, she asked Doris if she would be willing to share her testimony. 

With a twinkle in her eye she happily replied that she would be delighted to.

Doris shared of her struggles being in residential school. When one of the nun’s told her that she would never amount to anything she took that as a personal challenge. She set her mind to do anything and everything she wanted. She graduated from high school and went on to pursue her post secondary education. One day after becoming a follower of Jesus, she felt convicted by the Lord. She shared that her determination to accomplish whatever she wanted had turned into an idol. The Lord was challenging her to let Him accomplish what He wanted in her life. She couldn’t have been happier to hand over that idol to Him.

Please pray for Doris as she bravely navigates a life with Jesus and continues to heal from past traumas in her life.

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