When Joshua’s abusive older brother shows up—dying of AIDS and looking for someone to take his daughter—will Joshua accept, or reject, them both?
Book 3 in the Jasmine Series



Joshua is the third book in the award-winning series that chronicles the healing journey of seven young people in the fictional First Nations community of Rabbit Lake. The third step in the healing journey is to stop blaming yourself for a crime you did not commit. When Joshuas abusive older brother shows up on his doorstep, Joshuas first instinct is to send him away. But Bryan is dying of AIDS and is looking for someone to assume care of his eight-year-old daughter, Cynarra. Joshua must choose to accept – or reject – them both. Wow! What a ride it was reading Joshua! One things for sure: No-one will accuse M.D. of writing about two-dimensional characters in unrealistic situations. On the contrary, her very believable characters are often in far-too-realistic situations. From Martha, the take charge, faith-filled grandmother to Cynarra, the courageous, heartbroken eight-year-old to Joshua, the lone stallion with a tragic past, readers will come to know and care about each one. And if theyre like me, theyll cry, gasp, and even get the warm fuzzies on occasion.

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