Bird with Broken Wing


A fresh new look at the history of the First Peoples of North America told in such a way that you won’t forget it.
Author: Barbara J. Koplin

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“Your education of North American history is incomplete if your understanding of Native American history is only from secondary school. If this is the case, then you have only heard from one side of the story. Barbara Koplin takes her research to an uncomfortable level in telling the unflattering truth of U. S. history. Her research reveals a side of the story not known by the average reader.

—Dr. Casey Church, Potowatami, Author of Holy Smoke


“Barbara Koplin’s work is an example of the educational efforts needed to help undo some of the myths that make up North American history. These are the myths which have so long given comfort to the descendants of European settlers and to immigrants, creating a climate of marginalization for the continent’s First Peoples.

Koplin provides a series of case studies and knowledge-based opinion pieces which detail what went wrong with governmental policies and actions. Now is the time to be informed, to act as advocates and allies with the First Peoples of these lands.

—Wendy Beauchemin Peterson, Red River Métis, Founding Member, NAIITS

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