Here is how to ask Jesus into your life:

  • Tell God that you want to accept His way to know true peace and joy.
  • Tell Him that you know that without His help, you understand that you will be      separated from God in life and death.
  • Accept Jesus as God’s only provision to deal with your separation from Him.
  • Invite Jesus, God’s Son, to take control of your life and place you in His care.

Pray this prayer (or put it in your own words):

Dear God, I accept Your way. I believe Your Son, Jesus, died for my sins so I can become part of the family of God. Because You raised Jesus from the dead, I can experience “Harmony of Life” with Your Son as my Shepherd. I’m sorry and turn from my sins and ask You, God, to take charge of my life. I ask  Your Holy Spirit to come and fill me now with Your presence and power that I will live each day walking on Your path. I offer this prayer to You through Your Son, Jesus. Amen.

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