Hello friends,

We are Team Wawrzyniak.  We understand this is a rather tricky last name to pronounce.  So we came up with a fun way to learn to say it.  We fight wars on our knees, and we act. 



In our immediate family, we have two teenage children.  They are 15 and 16.  We also have two dogs and a cat.  In our extended family, Krystal comes from a family where she is the oldest of two children, and Todd is the youngest of six children.

Before coming on board with Indian Life Ministries, we were pursuing moving our family around the world to serve in the country of Nepal.  Todd resigned from his 22 year career with the bank, and Krystal was homeschooling the kids.  We had just moved out of our family home and got it rented.  We also had found a lovely family to love our pets while we were away (potentially indefinitely).  

A mere seven days prior to us boarding an airplane with one-way tickets bound for Nepal, we received an email from our travel agent advising that our flights had been cancelled.  To expect a full refund.  We then heard back from the Nepali Embassy that the boarders were closed.  What we thought would only last a few weeks ended up lasting into the foreseeable future.

A number of months after our initial shock, of crying out to the Lord, wondering what He was doing, we were spending time in prayer and had the memory of a conversation come to mind.  One in which we had been offered an opportunity to serve in Native ministry if we ever found ourselves in need of work.

With the doors firmly closed on our missions work in Nepal, and some technical stuff figured out with our sending ministry (we are faith supported missionaries with the Baptist General Conference of Canada) we excitedly signed a secondment agreement, and joined Indian Life Ministries as the Director team!  What this means is that we are employed with the BGCC, and are working for Indian Life. 

At the beginning of our journey in ministry work, we believed we would be serving the indigenous people of Nepal.  What we GET to do is serve alongside the indigenous people of North America!  We couldn’t be more humbled.

Thank you for your prayers of support, words of encouragement, service and financial support.  

We appreciate the many ways that you partner with us.

~Team Wawrzyniak (Todd and Krystal)

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