Praise be to the God and Father of our LORD Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort. (2 Corinthians 1:3)

Derrick C. – Asking for prayer that he will have a favorable outcome at his court hearing.  Specifically, regarding that he can get time served and then released. He misses playing Gospel music.  He reads the Bible every day and has seen a change in himself.

Terrence C. – Would like prayer for an appeal to be granted on an attempted kidnapping charge. Also pray for Terrence as he is struggling with depression and anxiety, he would like to be moved to “high side unit 2”

Tyrone – struggles with alcohol, misses his children, wants to be a better father

Earl S. – looking for a place to live after he is released, if he can’t find one he remains in prison, please provide a place to live.

Steve A. – Steve is asking for prayer for strength, wisdom, courage, love, happiness, and most of all inner peace.

Shawn K. – I would like prayer to help me Glorify Almighty God, Please pray for my 57 year old mother in Puerto Rico – her name is Mimi S. and has been diagnosed with cancer on her kidneys, Pray for Marguleane K. in Gainesville Fl, she is 67 years old and has pancreatic cancer and has one month to live, Pray for 49 year old single mother Alabama, her name is Terri C. and she has stage 4 bone cancer in her spine, also pray for her salvation.

Angus – salvation

Doug M. –Needs prayer for his children to keep them safe, needs prayer for himself and his family to make better choices, pray for me to stay away from alcohol.

Alyssa L.– Alyssa would like prayer to overcome obstacles to grow in Christ’s love and live in recovery and also be a role model to others. Alyssa was a victim of trafficking and also has an addiction problem with gambling and meth. 

Gary L. –I pray I keep in Faith 

Ernest D. – Wants prayer that he will meet more brothers in Christ in Prison. Pray for his family and for the girl that said she loves him.  Pray that they can be together and know and follow Christ with each other. 

Michael C.– Requesting prayer that he can practice his faith with others brothers in Christ in Prison, also wants to pray for his brothers in Christ to stay strong in prison, also pray for the families that have been touched by the Covid disease and the tornado victims, pray for Unity across the world and the week minded and suicidal as well and that the Creator will give them peace and a purpose and that He will give them the ability to obtain it. 

Malcolm B.– Malcolm would like prayer to help change his life for the better, also he would like prayer for his upcoming parole hearing 

Len – 51 yr old daughter died in Calgary, believer, alcoholism.  She would die for her children but couldn’t live without alcohol.  20 yr old and 12 yr old

Darcy – Dec 6, 28 yr old son Thomas took his life, battled with addiction and related issues.  They hold to the hope that he cried out to the Lord during his life.  Pray for family.  Darcy’s wife was holding him when he died, and his sons worked on him until paramedics arrived.

Indian Life – We have the “Lets Talk About Reconciliation” conference coming up on Dec 10 and 11.  Please pray for each person who is coming, each person who will be watching, and each person who will be listening.  Please pray for technology to run smoothly, and for all who are volunteering.  Please pray that the Lord would go ahead of us and prepare the way for this conference, that his Holy Spirit would ‘be in this place’ and stir hearts to be reconciled to Him.

Delson R. –My Mom is going to pass away soon, pray for our family that they can be strong. I am an evangelist here in Prison, pray that my evangelism can be strong and powerful and can go to the lost and pray for all the readers of Indian Life.

Mark M. –Please pray for me, I am scared, I am on a Dialysis machine, and it may take a long time to get a transplant, I am worried, and I am kind of freaking out. I know God can help me and I believe in God’s love for me. I have been in jail for the past 6 years and have 3 more to go before I get to go home. I don’t want to die in prison, when I get out I want to live with my sister in California who has a big heart for God. Please pray that I will be filled with peace.

Angel Edith S. –Please pray to God that he reunites my 2 children and me and that we can be back together soon and also that I can be with my husband, and we can praise the Lord together.

Rebecca R. –My court date is coming up. I have been charged with manslaughter and please pray that my enemies forgive this somewhere in their heart. I have two little girls please pray for them. I believe in God and want forgiveness for all this.

William T. – Please pray for me as I have very series health issues and I scared and have no one to express my thoughts to. Please pray that when I get out of prison, I can start a fresh life.

Dalbert – He was recently in the hospital on a ventilator due to Covid.  Was afraid to get the vaccine.  Praise God that he is home and is getting the vaccine soon.  Pray for a full recovery.      

Becky – A missionary with Indian Life who delivers over 1000 newspapers every issue.  Pray for open doors and open ears to hear from the Lord for each person she delivers to.

Kaleb B. –– Wrote into the prayer circle, “I was adopted at birth and raised Christian. I am not against Christianity but it doesn’t click with me”. Looking for prayer for a “circle” to open up so that they can pray and smoke. Please pray for his salvation.

Jonathan J. –– “I am serving a sentence of 15 years for possession of Schedule 2 controlled substance”. I have been an on again and off again Christian my whole life and my life is getting worse now”. “I saw your article in the newspaper and felt like I could use some prayer to go with the prayers of my loved ones, I don’t even know what to pray for and feel like it would be selfish to ask God for anything, pray for my family and ask one day that we could re-unite…Thanks”.

Derrick C, -– “I need prayer very much, a lot of things are going through my mind lately….I am trying to get back in the word but it is very hard for me…pray for my family.

William T.– “Pray that I continue to grow in the Lord and protection for me as there have been overdoses and stabbings in here and we are on lockdown”.

Christopher P. –– “Please pray for my brother Joey, he was the victim of sexual abuse when he was younger and refuses to get help….I try to talk to him about Jesus and his love that has changed my life..but he continues to hold on to the pain”. “He has violent outburst like knocking holes in our Mothers wall and scaring my 13 year old sister”. “Pray that our family comes back together through the love of Jesus Christ”. Pray for my Mom, her business suffered a loss from an employee that stole and her investors are mad, she has had a nervous breakdown and lost her mind for a month and a half…Pray that God restores her sanity.” “Pray my cousin Ryan who molested my brother Joey and pray for my sister Hope”. Pray that the Lord will use me in Mighty ways for those around me.”

Damian G. ––Please pray that I can get closer to Creator God, I want to learn.

Danielle B. –- “Please pray for my son, Mackenzie Kyle, pray that he gets back on the Godly right Christian path and gets into Rehab so he wont have to do anymore time.”

Niikow Y. –– “I have surrendered my life to Jesus and I prayed the prayer from above.” “Thank you for the blessings you continue to share, throughout the newspaper Indian Life! God Bless you.” “I also ask that you pray for my daughter Qiana and pray for my son Qaiden. Also pray for my step daughters Heather, Aaliyah – They lost their mother Karrie due to heart complications this year in April. I am in jail till next year and cant be there in person to help them through tough times”. Please especially pray for Qiana throughout the week please, she needs all the prayers she can receive.” “Also prayer from my other daughter Anime and my step daughter Nisime” “Thank you and Jesus Loves Us”.

Pete H. ––  “I am in deep pain, pray for my family and the person I love – pray of Psalm 2” “It has been a very bad year”.

Lee L. –– “Please pray that my wrongful conviction is overturned, Please pray for my family and kids and my street family”.

Briana B. –– “I am serving 18 to Life sentence for a car accident, I need prayer that my legal gets overturned for my past conviction…I need a lesser sentence. Also I need help with getting closer to God and having a strong faith”.

Friends In Ministry – “Please pray for us and how we have gotten into financial trouble, as a result we have had to cancel our monthly donations to the ministries we support. Please pray for wisdom for us in how to proceed.”

Kevin C-Kevin is asking for help, he has been struggling for years with an opioid addiction and is “trying to find ways of getting out of this hell life”. He has not seen his kids in four years and really wants to change his life and get his family back. Please pray for Kevin as he has tried everything he can and just cannot get out of it.

Jerry S. –  Jerry wrote in to say that he wakes up every morning praising God and he knows that he will be with him throughout the day. Jerry says that, “I get some men call me bad names or some natives tells me why do you believe in the Bible or why believe in white man religion?”…. “I tell them to come see me and give them testimony.” Please pray for encouragement, strength and wisdom for Jerry as he ministers his faith in prison.

Debbie F. – Please pray for Debbie and her family as her mother has just passed away, her mother Helen was a longtime supporter and encourager of Indian Life and wanted us to pray for her family through this time.

Charlette P. – “Please pray for me, this prison has Covid once more running through it, the only thing this prison is good for is to let you die…- I don’t want to die in this place…please pray for me that I can go home.  I know God has got this…Please pray me and my left side is in a lot of pain.”

Rita D. – Her son and his wife are exploring Native Spiritualism – her grandkids are confused because of this, her son grew up in a Christian home, pray they find their way back to the Lord. Her son is looking for a new church – please pray that they find a God Centered Bible teaching church.

Larry B. –Pray for Wisdom In understanding the Bible, “I have read Psalm 23 I understand some of it what I don’t understand I ask my Cellie he reads the Bible and prays every morning”. “I have 95 years to understand the rest of the Bible”.

Steven B.– “Please pray for me, I have been lazy and procrastinating….wasting a lot of time…Pray for me that I can snap out of it. “Prison life is getting me depressed…I am tired of this.” “I need fellowship and hear some preaching of Gods Word…Maybe even hear a choir singing…my spirit is in need of up-lifting”.

Daylin M.– Wrote into Prayer Circle, asking for prayer to have assistance in obtaining reverend-ship or certified (A.I.M.) acknowledgment of reverence towards traditional circle of elders and teachings.

Shavonne M.– “I would like prayer for my husband Marcus and for my children Sierra, Aleena, Layla, and Marcus.” “2021 has been awful for my family , I want prayer for healing, for re-unifying me and my family back together after this time of me being in jail. “I want prayer for God to show me the path to get all my life and family back and I know I am on the right path.” “Pray for all the people out there still in their addiction and still on that destructive path”. Thank you very much Prayer Circle!

Terrance R.– Asking for prayer to help him fight his addiction to drugs and alcohol.  Says that he was wrongly convicted and would like prayer to have a favorable appeal to his attempted kidnapping charge.

Adrian T.– “Please pray for me so that the Lord can give me grace to be in my new grandson’s Life.”

Jeffery G. – “Keep me in your prayers”.

John N. – “Please pray for restoration of the relationship between my sister, Linda Jane and my wife Amanda May. Please let me be reunited with my family soon”.

Sam C. – “I would like to receive your prayer, I am 66 years old and I want to change my life”.

Danny Harris. – Plz pray he gets a favorable disclaimer 

Tyson– just pray that he stops getting back in jail

Roy. –wants prayer, family doesn’t talk to him.

Daytona -for assistance in receiving reverend support

 Timothy – Wants prayer for family

Emanuel– prayer for upcoming appeal, and bodily health

Pastor– going blind, has a heart for native ministry.  Pray for healing

Elliott (15 yrs old, a youth from Pastor Richards outreach) – believes the world would be a better place without him.  Is talking about suicide, and has very little positive, encouraging support.

Silas (12 yrs old, a youth from Pastor Richards outreach) – overcome by fear.  Fearful of COVID and won’t leave his room/house, doesn’t want his family to die from COVID.

Residential Schools –  Pray for truth to be exposed, peace to reign, and forgiveness to be in the hearts of both the victims, families, and all involved.

Charlette– Please pray for my son, I want to get out of prison to protect him, someone got him into demonic stuff and he needs me. Please pray for protection for my other sons. There is so much going on in prison – please pray for me…Help me as I fall on my knees and pray.

Kelly – Pray for protection for Kelly as Christians are a target of inmates who are out to make a name for themselves and they are bent towards rebellion. I continue to bear witness for Christ in prison.

Calvin – Please pray for me to get closer to the Creator, I want to learn more knowledge of Him and native ministry. I am looking for a path closer to the Creator.

Claude –I am Christian and suffer from a crack addiction, I am from a broken home and struggle with addiction and homelessness on the streets of Toronto. I am going to court soon because of theft charges due to my addiction. Please pray for me.

John –Would like prayer so that he could have a Christian wife to pray with and one that would love to read the bible.

Mark  – Accused of murdering his friend. Wants prayer for his son whom is very sick. He says the remand centre is not a good place and could use some faith and prayer. Prayer for the mother of my baby son, she left us and now she is back, prayer for her. Pray for me, I feel lost and all alone.

Daniel –Daniel is asking for prayer on how to live a Christian life now.

James –Please pray for my release, I have been transferred to a Unit that is known as a pre-release unit and a good chance I may go home. Praising God that our church service is going full service.

Robert –Wants to thank everyone at Indian Life for all of the encouragement “You have been such a big part of my life, turning it around, I can’t thank you enough” My sentence is almost over – please pray for a smooth end to it!

Kevin – Winnipeg half way house – Please pray for my grandchildren that they can have a safe place to live. Please pray for me, sorrow is overcoming me.

Jeffrey – Requests prayer to be release from prions, says he has a 50/50 chance of being released in late Sept. I am still teaching the word in prison and would like some prayer for this as well.

Ernest– Wants prayer to get back on the right path, he keeps re-offending and has problems with alcohol and steels when he can to feed his addiction. Wants to move away from where he is to have a better life once he is released from prison.  “I have been in and out of jail over 40 times, my friends here are all on the streets. I just need to get away. I have been on the streets since 2001 and I am 41 years old.” Please pray for wisdom and for other Christian brothers and sisters to mentor Ernest.

Ronnie– Please pray for my wife that I get to see her again, she is very sick and I am praying that God will take her pain away and leave her here for a while, she came to see me to say Good-bye and that her time was nearing the end, she tore my heart and I still love her. My eyes are failing as well – please for healing.

Daniel –Pray for his Mother and also pray for his niece who has reached the rebellious stage that young people go through.

Levi –Is struggling with suicidal thoughts and depression – has recently lost his mother and 3 sisters, he wants prayer. He believes in God and knows that he can help him. “I have three times come within seconds of committing suicide and I struggle every day, the medication helps a little bit and I still hurt. Please pray for my last two younger sisters as well.”

Chaplain Dave -requests prayer for the inmates that are talking Bible courses that the Power of the word of God will get into their hearts in order that they may have eternal salvation. They receive Bibles and put their names on it, Chaplain Dave prays that their names will be in the Book of Life, so please pray for the inmates at the Pas Correctional Centre.

Thomas– Thomas is a veteran of the Vietnam war and suffers from PTSD, would like prayer for healing, he wakes up screaming often and loud sounds can trigger him. Pray for his friends that are living on the streets that also suffer from PTSD and the same triggers.

Ron– Wants prayer for his children, Two Prodigals, pray that they come back to the Lord, Also wants pray to fight against abortion and pray for his prayer meeting with the group called Battle For Canada, Pray for the local Pastor at the indigenous community that he can continue to serve and have favor on the reservation there.

Margaret Pray for her to be God’s person wherever she is.

Brandon- “ I am sitting here in Jail looking for any help from Lord Jesus that I can have, I pray everyday and read my Bible every night.”

Charlette -“Please pray for my friends that can’t pay the rent and they will be out on the streets soon”. “Please pray that I can go into the Annex and also please pray for my three sons”.

Nicole -grows fast but responds well to treatment

Residential Schools – As more and more graves are found across Canada, wounds that were already aching are being re-exposed and dug deeper.  Pray for acknowledgment of the hurts and injustices by those who did so.  Pray for truth to be exposed, peace to reign, and forgiveness to be in the hearts of both the victims, families, and all involved.

Joseph –Would like prayer for an opening with his brother and sister to share Christ with them, so far they always change the subject when he starts to discuss any kind of talk about God.

David V. –Is seeking forgiveness for being angry at God and having doubt, anger and mistrust towards God. He wants to rebuild his foundations in the Lord.

Kelly G. -Is thankful for the Ministry God has given him in prison, to fellow prisoners and also many corrections staff over the years. Recently has become more involved in reaching out to indigenous prisoners. Is thankful for the partnership with Indian Life and the resources that can be sent. Especially “The Greatest of All Chiefs” About 15 prisoners have photocopied it and now hangs in their cells.

Pascal G – Is thankful for the prayer he read in the Indian Life Newspaper- “I read the prayer every morning” and it has brought me closer to God.

Joyce H. – “Thank you for having me in your prayer circle, please keep praying for me”.

Ronnie M – Wants continuing prayer for his eye and that it can be healed – also wants prayer to be moved from a Level 1 to a Level 2 or 3 as the gang members in level 1 are “always into mischief and rude and keep him up all night.

Mitchell Z. –Please pray that I can write a sermon and teach the word of God in prison – every time I try the demons stop me and there is so much opposition. There is all kinds of drug use, sex and violence in this prison and I keep praying for them.

Charles F. –I am 74 years old and my walking is getting very bad- my hip is “shot”, also pray for healing with the cream I received from the doctor to help with some of the “Mite” bites I have. I had a bad reaction to the cream that was real bad from my knees down to my feet and both legs!

 Pablo –He is a brand new believer, accepted Christ through the “Greatest of All Chiefs” Book. Pray for Pablo’s health as he is a diabetic as well – pray for Christians to help him, he needs a Bible with big print as he has trouble seeing.

Russell –Wrote in to ask for prayer (was not specific)

Troy –He is 3 months sober, knows that God has taken away the addiction, and wants to stay clean.  He wants to go to school to become an Addiction Counsellor.

Angus –  He does not yet know Christ but is asking really good questions.

Ronald –Prayer for Ronald’s youth ministry in Winnipeg as he reaches out and mentors the indigenous youth of Winnipeg and area on the path towards a relationship with Jesus Christ. Ronald needs resources to assist. Ronald would like to set up a program whereby indigenous youth can work in the construction industry instead of being on the streets.

Chad N. –Would like prayers for personal help (was not specific).

Residential Schools – As more and more graves are found across Canada, wounds that were already aching are being re-exposed and dug deeper.  Pray for acknowledgment of the hurts and injustices by those who did so.  Pray for truth to be exposed, peace to reign, and forgiveness to be in the hearts of both the victims, families, and all involved. 

Beverley H. – Beverley and her ministry will be conducting a Summer Hope tour.  They will be traveling across 5 provinces, seeking to offer hope, healing and reconciliation to the indigenous across Canada, specifically making stops at the Saskatchewan and Kamloops Residential schools.

Ronnie M. – Pray for Ronnie’s safety as he has been transferred to a part of the prison that is rougher and that he will have wisdom in how to speak to the rougher ‘gang bangers’ in the prison.  Pray for his safety, his vision, and that he can receive new glasses.  He also states that he has a bad back.

August B. – Pray for wisdom on how to talk to other prisoners who do not know Christ so that he may share the Gospel with them. When he is released in 4 to 5 years, he would like to find a ministry he can be part of.

Barry C. – Barry sent a card in that said, “I would like prayer and my name is Barry”.

Chaplin Fred R. – Edmonton Remand Centre, would like prayer for resources to help with grief counselling as they are getting burnt out. There are ministering to over 700 inmates there. Also, pray to open up more programs and for an increase in helping hands.

Eunice – Missionary to Navajo people in New Mexico.  She has just become aware that animism is in her ‘back door’.  She requests prayer to break through the veil of animism.

Dave V. – “something is happening to me. I feel that God don’t care and is allowing the devil to mess with me and don’t trust him. I stop praying and reading, I don’t care…I just want to die.  I don’t want to feel like this way and I am crying as I write this letter. God please save me, please help me Lord Answer”. Also, Dave mentioned in his letter that is has stopped writing to his daughter

Mickey – 53 years old and suffering from prostate and colon cancer, afraid to die.  The prayer correspondent has shared Christ with him – pray that the sharing of the gospel will take root in his heart.

Ray L.  –Pray for open ears and receptive hearts to the people that he and his team ministers to and reach out to. Open to hear from the Holy Spirit how to speak with and who they reach out to.

Cheryle E. – Wants prayer about when and where to move and can only afford to rent. Also has a health issue needing to be resolved and also, she has three kids not walking with the Lord and would like to pray for their salvation.

Susan M. –Pray for connections with churches on reservations so that women who get out of prison or treatment can connect with local believers and be discipled by them. Pray for cards being sent out to other women to invite them to church will be well received.  Pray for the Western Apache people as they need the Lord.

Tyson –He would like prayer to help him beat his heroin and fentanyl addiction, he prays that he can be filled with God’s word and stay on the right track of being a Christian and not fall back into addiction, he wants to be a better father when he gets out and to work in ministry.

Johnny D. – Johnny is coming up for parole for the 17th time and prays that this time he can be paroled – he is struggling with the same thing every day and he says that the prison guards are very mean and constantly harass and ridicule him and judge him. Johnny gave his life to Christ in 1990 and says that he doesn’t understand why God just doesn’t stop his heart so that the pain of living ends and he can be with Jesus, he is asking for prayer.

Larry B. –Larry is serving life and prison and is encouraged by receiving letters from our prison correspondent Rilla – it is the only mail he receives and says that when he is having a bad day, he just needs to read one of her letters. Larry is having trouble understanding some scripture and especially Proverbs 14:13 and also other scripture as well – Pray for wisdom for Larry for understanding scripture.

Tonja – this prisoner asks for a good please deal so they may go home and begin their new journey on a clean and sober path.  Tonja wants to become a drug and alcohol counsellor for the indigenous people.

Adrian – he is lonely, no one comes to visit him and he isn’t able to go visit anyone.  He sees others going out but he has no one to go see.

Jeremy – He is being released soon in 9 weeks.  He has been reunited with his daughter after 20 years and she has blessed him with 2 grandchildren.  He has also elected to take care of his 73-year-old mother.  Pray for wisdom and strength to make good choices.

Jose – pray for a good mentor in prison for him

Candace – has been accepted at ICCS with an 85% scholarship to take a two-year program to be an ordained minister with an Associate in pulpit ministry.  She believes God will open the doors He wants her to go through in this. 

Clifford – has Crohn’s disease and is in constant pain.  He used to receive medical care and good medication, but now he doesn’t get any medical care or medication anymore.  He feels like he could die any day now.  He is trying to get medical parole and proper legal counsel to get released.  He asks for help as he says he is a ‘pitiful North American Indian’

Todd – asks for prayer for the fathers and mothers of our society.  Guide them in all paths and encourage and strengthen them to do right and raise their kids right.

Eric – He was just moved to the education unit and asks for prayer that he will learn fast and accomplish his goals and get home as soon as possible, and keeping Christ in his mind, heart and life.   Also, pray for strength to stay away from people of his past that use drugs and drink when he gets out.  He wants his life work to be about God.

Steven – (Steven has served 21 years and has 12-15 to go).  When he had Covid he prayed for death, but he guesses Creator had a different plan for him.  It’s part of the reason he joined seminary.  “I told him that my life, my present and future is all His and asked Him to give a path and the peace to accept whatever happens.  All I can control is myself and walk the road I am on.  I thank him for the blessings I receive, for lessons gained by adversity, and open myself to opportunities.” 

Rick – he has Lyme disease and is currently estranged from his wife.  He is feeling emotionally down as well as sick.

Eric – He needs a place to live once paroled in September.

Steven – He is anticipating neck surgery.

Precious – sentenced 3-5 years for driving impaired causing death.  She has 3 young children and a husband.  This has put much stress on her marriage.

Mark – Serious kidney problems.

Guy – He has been in jail for 18 years, which is also the age of his son.  The son has rejected his father.  The father wants some sort of reconciliation.

Joe – He is getting out of prison soon.  Is asking for prayer for a new job to be able to purchase a phone and truck.  He would also like to maybe go back to school or get job training.

Shawn – Please pray for his elderly parents as he is going to maybe get a 10 yr sentence

Mark – He states that he wants us to pray for him as he isn’t too good at remembering to pray for himself.  Please pray for his health, his blood pressure.  He’s asking God to repair his intestines so that when he gets out of jail, he can serve God.  He wants to find a good wife and help the sick.  He also asks for prayer to receive his stimulus cheques, he’s not a good speller so he is afraid to apply and be declined because of his spelling.

True Bay – He has stage 3 prostate and colon cancer and is very scared.  He has lost a lot of people in his life and is scared to die.  He doesn’t want to be alone and stated that he never asks for prayer, but if prayer is true than please pray.

Shawn – Pray for his family to stay strong and healthy.  Mom is struggling with his Dads age and health.  He feels like he’s left his family on their own.  Is serving a 10 yr term in prison.

Judy – please pray for me.

Thurlow – sister is in hospital with COVID, she is 79.  Thurlow calls and reads scripture over her.  Believes that by Jesus stripes we are healed.

Sharon – Please pray Deut 2:11 over Fort Simpson and pray that St Joseph will intercede in her housing situation.  Her neighborhood has a woman who does witchcraft.  Pray God would bring this woman to repentance for all the bad stuff she does to people.

Kevin – has been in jail since 16, now is 56.  He struggles with emotional and alcohol abuse.  He wants to learn more about his identity in Christ.  He is a brand-new believer!

Parry and Ashley – Pray for Parry’s daughter Ashley who has cancer.  Parry is also looking for a part time job but is hesitant because of his daughter’s health.  Also, his van was in the shop for 3 weeks and is very expensive to repair.

Daniel – prayer that the authorities would see that he is wrongly accused.  Also, his mother is in need of help as her friends just passed away.

Precious – she has 3 children; she prays this is the last time she in incarcerated.  This is her first time asking for prayer.  She was involved in a DUI death where two of her friends died, and she struggles with that grief.

Andre – struggles with mental health due to COVID and extreme abuse growing up.  He wants to help others when he gets out of prison.

Juanita – Her life was a mess until God showed her a better way.  She has a two-year-old son, and is very lonely living where no one can come visit her.  She is a believer and knows God has a plan for her.

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